Useful Documents

Here you will find useful documents which you can freely download. If you know of any documents which you think would be useful to have on this page, please get in touch by e-mail to let us know about them.

Advancing Transgender Equality

The vision and focus for the Government’s commitment to deliver greater equality for transgender people. (2011) 

The Bisexuality Report

This Open University report aims to improve UK policy and practice in relation to bisexual people as part of the wider lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equalities agenda.  (2012)

The RaRE Report

A study which looked at risk and resilience factors for three mental health issues that affect LGBT+ people disproportionately: Suicide attempts and self-harm for young LGBT+ people under 26; Alcohol misuse in lesbian and bisexual women; Body image issues for gay and bisexual men. (2015)

Where to Turn Report

A Review of Current Provision in Online and Offline Mental Health Support for LGBT People Experiencing Suicidal Distress.  (2010)

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