As well as working closely with relationships organisations to improve the standards of service provision available to LGBT+ people, we will be running a variety of campaigns in the LGBT+ press to encourage LGBT+ people to use the eQuality Awarded relationship services with confidence.

As a project working with relationship services to celebrate the good practice with LGBT+ people, we also think it is important to encourage people to get support when they need it. Often people try to work through difficult time on their own, and we think that It’s OK To Ask For Help.

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At eQuality we’re all about sharing useful information, and that involves listening to services and their users.

We are looking for LGBT+ people to give us their feedback on relationship services they’ve used throughout England, so we can understand how effective these services are, and how they are received by LGBT+ people.

We also want to hear from people who work in mainstream relationship services to hear how they work with LGBT+ people and what support / information would help them to do so effectively.

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